This is the Secret of Longevity of China People

This is the Secret of Longevity of China People - Always healthy and a long life in order to spend more time with family is the desire of many people. Often the disease or limited cost to buy health supplements so that the condition of the body in old age rapidly declined and resulted in people aged over 60 years who passed away usually have many into the lap of God. But this does not apply to residents of China. In China, a lot of elderly people who live long and healthy always. I wonder what's the secret?

There is a village called Chengmai located in the province of Hainan Island, China had a population of elderly aged over 100 years old and more than 200 people. Wow this is certainly unique because usually rare human being can survive up to 100 years of age and healthy without any diseases. In fact, the island province of Hainan is one of the poorest provinces in China. But citizens healthier and live longer.

The elderly is included in the class because they are tough to survive since the civil war and disaster kelaparan.Banyak residents live in shacks without heating. Even so apparently the longest-lived people on earth. The secret is they are accustomed to a simple life, and never consume food stuff. Li Aizhu is one example of the elderly up to 113 years old and healthy to this day. Aizhu very simple life, without pressure, and being a vegetarian.

Chengmai key fit of the population is also because they live in rural areas far from air pollution. Jennifer Holdaway of the China Institute for Health and the Environment, an organization of the social health of Americans said that the economy grew from the agricultural sector. "There are not many industries, the climate is also good, they can easily train your body, and apply a healthy diet. They eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Selenium-rich soil is also very nutritious," said Jennifer quoted.

Live in areas far from the bustle of pollution and consuming natural foods turned out to help the body to stay in shape. In addition, their daily activities such as farming continues to make their bodies move and is equivalent to exercising every day. The elderly also never consume foods from plant herbs are like MSG and MSG. They prefer a variety of natural ingredients such as garlic and ginger to cook.

In addition, residents Chengmai also diligent, simple-minded and generous, vegetarian diet, eating a healthy diet, sleep early and wake up early. They do not watch television, not affected the economic conditions, do not want to convolute the mind with things that are beyond their capabilities. In addition, the elderly are also filling his time with positive activities such as chatting, playing cards or spend an afternoon with picking vegetables together.

Good habits and good diet makes the elderly a long life without disease. It turns out the key is simple living and positive thinking every day. You want to try to live a long life-style tips population this Chengmai ladies?.

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