Potatoes: Good or Bad For Our Health ? This is Benefits of Potatoes

You Like Potatoes ?, Good or Bad For Our Health ? - French fries and mashed potatoes are just two of the most popular potato dish. Potato is considered the number one vegetable crop around the world. They are available all year round and can be harvested anytime. Check out the different health benefits and drawback of the world’s most famous crop. Listed below will be the comparison between the good and bad factors about the potato and dealing with each.

benefits of potatoes
benefits of potatoes

Health Benefits

Potatoes are a very good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, copper and manganese. Vitamin B6 is the vitamins for the nervous system that helps in brain cell activity. Potatoes also help in cardiovascular functions. Vitamin B6, which is found in potatoes, is also responsible in building your body cells. It also helps in breaking down glycogen that gives athletes energy and endurance. Potatoes also help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

The Drawbacks of Potatoes

In a study conduct by Harvard University, potatoes are linked to being a good contributor of weight gain. This is when one keeps on eating French fries, which is considered one of the unhealthiest foods. The consumption of potato chips daily can also increase weight.

Bottom Line Is ?

Potatoes are healthy. It merely depends on how you consume it. For example, if you will keep on eating French fries all day long, of course you will be unhealthy and gain weight in no time. But if you choose to eat potato in a healthy way like boiling them and adding healthy oil unto it like olive oil, it will be good for your body.

We just have to be responsible on what we are going to feed to our body. It is still our responsibility to make ourselves healthy and be cautious about what we eat.

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