This is 6 Pain-Killing Foods to Replace Pain Medication That You Need to Try!

This is 6 Pain-Killing Foods to Replace Pain Medication That You Need to Try! - One of the worst pains that you can experience is back pain. Not only does it make it difficult for you to get the proper physical activity and movement you need or the ability to use the rest of your body, but back pain also leads to the pain extending to the extremities of the body, like the legs.

However, it is usually heavily advised to seek relief from natural foods because of the side effects that are associated with using pharmaceutical pain relief methods.

Why Pharmaceutical options are less Superior to Food

If you’re a frequent user of pharmaceutical methods, then you have probably seen firsthand, some of the effects these can have. Digestive problems and nausea are just but a few of some of the effects that can be caused by over the counter treatments.

Prescriptions are not any better. In fact, they are worse. In this case, digestive problems which are likely to occur should be of little concern. You might end up feeling some fatigue and drowsiness and in cases of extended use; you might be dependent on the treatment.

On the other hand, there are no side effects that are associated with food. Addressing pain by eating foods allows you to use minerals and natural vitamins that help to treat the pain.

Great foods that help to treat pain naturally

The next time you go down with some back pain, eating some of these foods will help you, especially considering that with foods, you will be able to enjoy the goods without the side effects that come with pills.

Tart Cherries

If your back hurts, especially as a result of heavy lifting or exercise, tart cherries can be a great solution. You can either drink a glass of cherry juice or take them as they are to enjoy the benefits that they have to offer. However, this is only the case if you stick to the tart cherries and not the sweet ones.


It has been proven by research that coffee works equally well as pain pills. This is more so the case if you have a killing back ache. All you need to do is pour yourself a cup of coffee and relax. Only one cup is required to gain all the caffeine benefits.

Evening Primrose

This is particularly great for back issues that are as a result of menstrual cramps. It is one of those things that should not miss in your medicine cabinet. Thanks to the oils that are found in this flower, it is able to get rid of back pain and even cramps.


as much as omega 3 is a crucial part of back pain relief, it is better gotten from foods than from supplements. There is no better source of Omega 3 than salmon, which makes it the perfect food the next time your back flares up.


Oranges help to reduce inflammation, which can cause back pain thanks to their high levels of Vitamin C. This makes them the best option if you’re dealing with back pain.

Foods to Avoid

While there are foods that help curb back pain, there are those that will worsen it. Avoid food additives, carbohydrates, fried foods, artificial sweeteners and trans fats if you’re prone to back pains.

It is better to stick to whole and fresh foods since they work better. Foods loaded with carbs, processed and sweet foods, only serve to worsen the situation.

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