Weight Loss Drops, True or False ?

Weight Loss Drops, True or False ? - Some people believes that with the help of a dose of HCG hormone, weight loss drops will be an instant effect. This HCG hormone is used by consuming them in liquid form, a drop or two, depend on the doctor prescription followed with very low-calorie intake consumption. Many people have claimed that statement to be true while others have adamantly state it as bogus and false. What they don’t know is how it differs from one person to another and how it’s actually a medicine for fertility treatment.

Weight Loss Drops or Fertility Treatment ?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a type of hormone which actually helps to build the inner uterus walls during pregnancy stages. But if we consumed it along with low-calorie intake -500 calories a day, it is believed to be a method of weight loss drops. This practice has been happening ever since the 1950’s with various results which depend on the subject consuming the hormone drops.

Some scientists are more inclined to believe that the resulting weight loss drops from consuming HCG is more because of the very low-calorie intake. Instead of the hormone doing their job, the little calories the user are taking is the primary reason why they are losing weight. Although the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has clearly stated that HCG is medicine for fertility treatment, scientists have also claimed that HCG has an effect of appetite suppressant which resulted in the user to be only able to consume something under 500 calorie.

Instant Weight Loss Drops as a Myth

So is HCG weight loss is a myth? Some people believe so, while others claimed their skepticism towards this treatment. While it is possible that this HCG hormone may help suppressed hunger, it is still unclear if it’s safe for daily consumption for the non-pregnant. Yet again debate regarding the controversy of this weight loss drops method is rather vague.


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