5 Minute Nose Therapy, Natural Ways to Overcome Headache

5 Minute Nose Therapy, Natural Ways to Overcome Headache - Headache is one disease that is quite disturbing, whether it's headaches in mild or severe conditions. In addition to discomfort, can also interfere with activities all day. However, there is a simple treatment that could be a natural remedy to overcome the headache. Nasal therapy name, a non-drug therapy that can help relieve your headache reported by the Knowledge Bank.

5 Minute Nose Therapy, Natural Ways to Overcome Headache
Why in the nose? Two sides of the nose we apparently have different elements. Right nostril represents the nature of the hot sun. Meanwhile, we represent the left side of the nose that are cold months. How to relieve headaches with this nasal therapy? Check the information below:

Relieves Headaches

When you have a headache, try to close your right nostril for 5 minutes. During the 5-minute, breathe with your left nostril. By doing this therapy for about five minutes, the pain in your head will be reduced.If you experience frequent headaches, try to do this therapy. Frequent headaches nasal therapy requires at least about one month. By doing this kind of therapy, you will reduce the use of drugs.

Relieve Fatigue

When the body feels very tired, turns nose therapy can also help overcome them. When exhausted, it can be detected by the nose which breathe better.

If you wake up and feel your left nose to breathe better than the nose right, it could be a sign that your fatigue. Close your right nostril with the left nostril and breathe for 5 minutes.

Does this method work?

Reported from several sources such as hoaxorfact.com, this unique technique called Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, which means cleansing and purification techniques. To perform this technique, you need to focus on breathing is to breathe deeply and slowly throw.

If you have a history of respiratory disease such as sinus and other therapies are not recommended to try this one. Even more important is, if you are classified as severe headache, fever, pregnancy and so on, you should check with your doctor. However, this therapy really can help if you are experiencing fatigue and mild headaches.

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