Your Signs Intermittent Asthma Affected

Your Signs Intermittent Asthma Affected - Asthma is a disease that affects many people all over the world. This disease attacks the person's airways. At the time of asthma attack, the airways will narrow. This causes people with asthma who were relapse it will feel that his chest and hard to breathe.

Your signs Intermittent Asthma Affected
Asthma itself is classified into several types. This classification was created based on several things, such as the level of seriousness, symptoms, and much more. One classification of asthma called intermittent asthma. If you want to know if you have asthma or not this type, you need to recognize the symptoms.

As noted in, there are some symptoms of this type of asthma with multiple symptoms that distinguish it from other types of asthma. The first symptom is intermittent asthma symptoms of asthma are felt in the morning and during the day does not happen too often. These symptoms only occur at least once a week.

If the first symptoms associated with asthma symptoms that occur in the morning and afternoon, both the symptoms associated with some of your asthma symptoms that appear at night. If you suffer from the intermittent type of asthma, your asthma symptoms that appear at night only will you feel is the most up to 2 times in a month.

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