Importance of Warming Up Before Exercising

Importance of Warming Up Before Exercising - Do you also love to exercise? But unfortunately you actually have asthma. Well, do not be sad yes, even though asthma affects your body, it does not mean you lose the opportunity to move out of the house as usual.

importance of warming up before exercise

Asthma is not a constraint. If you always think creatively, there is definitely a good way to keep you active. advised to warm up before you begin exercising.

Wait, what sport you want to do first. All sport is actually safer as long as not too heavy, like playing basketball. If it was just regular jogging, it is strongly recommended instead. Well, we take the example used to jogging.

As before jogging, you need a little stretch your muscles are stiff. Do a few minutes before starting to run. Because if without first heating, the lungs will work harder than usual.

Due to excess work that is often trigger an asthma attack. This warming will also give a little warming in the lungs, so the lungs do not be surprised when you start running.

Real easy right? It only takes a bit of prudence course, is very meaningful to prevent asthma relapse. By doing so, you are doing something very right when asthma control that is in you.

Means can also be concluded, asthma is not a barrier to exercise and outdoor activities. Agree, right?

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