4 Kinds of Foods You Should Eat and Not Eat for Your Weight Loss

4 Kinds of Foods You Should Eat and Not Eat for Your Weight Loss - You're in the weight loss?. Exercise is not the only thing that you need to do for losing weight. Besides doing exercise, you also need to control what you eat. If you only focus on doing exercise without controlling your food, then you will waste your time.

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Yes, losing weight will make you need to concern about many things especially your food. You need to know that you can find many food for weight loss and food that will only improve your weight.

Unfortunately, many people still do not understand about what kind of food for weight loss fast. Most of people who want to lose weight still eat wrong food which only increasing their weight. That is the biggest reason why most people still find difficulty to lose their weight.

So, do you want to know more about what kind of food for weight loss and food that will make you gain more pounds? If you want to know about those foods, then you can dig it up this article. We will show you best food to lose weight and bad food, which only make you gain more weight.

4 Food for Weight Loss That You Should Eat

If you are having overweight condition, then we suggest you not only focus on doing exercise. As we have said before, beside of doing exercise, you also need to know about what you need to eat.
Here are 4 great food for weight loss that you should eat:


Grapefruit is one kind of food for weight loss that you should eat. This fruit is able to help burning fat inside of your body. If you want to lose weight fast, we suggest you to eat grapefruit before you do exercise. It will maximize the fat burning effect inside of your body.


The avocado is also great fruit that can help reducing your weight. Moreover, the best thing that you will gain from eating avocado is you can lose belly fat faster.
The study said that people who eat avocado everyday would be able to lose 20% of their belly fat faster than people who do not consume it would.

3.Yogurt that consist of vitamin D and calcium

The Nutrition Journal Study has found amazing fact about consuming yogurt that consists of vitamin D and calcium for losing weight. The study found that people who consume special yogurt like that is able to lose twice more weight than other people who do not consume special yogurt.

4. Almond

As we have known, almond is also good food for weight loss. Many studies have found out that people who grab almond for snack is able to lose 62% of their weight than other people who do not consume it.

4 Kinds of Food That You Should Not Eat When You Want to Lose Weight

As we have said to you before, controlling your food is taking crucial part for losing weight. Unfortunately, many people choose food inappropriately. Here are some foods that you should not eat when you want to lose weight:

1. High fiber snack bar

Some of you maybe think that eating high fiber snack bar while doing exercise will help reducing your weight. Unfortunately, that is not true. High fiber snack bar is not healthy food at all. High fiber snack bar food is having many dangerous substance which also able to improve your weight.

2. Low fat food

When we look low fat food, then most of us must think that is one of food for weight loss. Unfortunately, research proven that people will eat more when they know they eat low fat food. That is the reason why eating low fat food is not the solution to lose weight.

3. Frozen meal

Frozen meal is very popular nowadays. It is simple and cheap enough for us who do not have enough time to prepare meal. Unfortunately, if your goal is for reducing your weight, then stop consuming any frozen meal.
Frozen meal is having much sodium content. Sodium makes you retain more water. When you consume more water, you will be experience-bloated effect from it.

4. Snack which only have carbohydrate

The last food, which is not suitable to consume by you who want to lose weight, is snack that only has carbohydrate. This kind of food will only improve your blood sugar level and improve the amount of fat that piled up inside of your body.

Well, the information about food for weight loss and food that only increase your weight, which we provide on this article, will be able to help you to lose weight faster and easier.

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